Registration FAQ

How much does GWCIA cost?

Early registration fees are $40 per school and $30 per delegate. Regular registration fees are $80 per school and $40 per delegate.

When will registration open?

Early registration will open July 1st and run until September 15th, 11:59pm. Regular registration will be open from September 16th – November 1st, 11:59pm.

How do I register?

Schools can pay conference fees either via credit card portal or check. Payment must be received in full in order to confirm registration and receive committee assignments. Schools must also submit the registration form that contains information necessary for the conference. For more information and detailed directions, please click here.

When is payment due?

Payment must be received within thirty (30) days after initial registration has been completed.

Can I pay on the day of the conference?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept any payments after November 16th, including on the day of the conference.

How many students am I allowed to bring?

Schools may bring as many students as they like, however, they must pay the delegate fees for each attendee they wish to bring.

I already registered – can I add or drop students?

Schools wishing to add or remove delegates after it has already formally registered during early registration may do so until seven (7) days after regular registration begins. This new policy is to allow schools who register early to establish their teams once the school year begins without having to limit the size of their delegations. After the grace period, no changes to the registration will be permitted. Please note that fees paid for delegates that drop the conference will not be refunded.

Schools registering under regular registration may add or remove delegates seven (7) days after their registration process is complete. After the grace period, no changes to the registration will be permitted. Please note that fees paid for delegates that drop the conference will not be refunded.

Will GWCIA provide a receipt or confirmation?

After the registration form has been completed, the school will be emailed confirmation of registration and an invoice for payment. After payment, whether by check or credit card, has been confirmed, the individual who registered the school will be e-mailed a receipt of payment.

Why does GWCIA have fees?

While GWCIA wants to ensure that all delegates have a chance to attend the conference, minimal fees are necessary to provide the resources, services, and facilities. These fees not only include lunch for delegates and advisers, but also all conference materials and awards. There are many costs related to running a conference, and paying these fees helps to ensure that GWCIA can provide a superior experience for all from year to year.

When will committees and positions be assigned?

Committees and positions will be assigned later in the fall, several months out from the conference to ensure there is ample preparation time. No school will be assigned its positions without having completed payment.

How are committees and positions assigned?

The secretariat takes preferences, number of delegates, and time of registration into account when assigning committee positions. Schools typically have at least one position in each committee. Countries/position preferences cannot be indicated during registration and are typically spread equally across all schools, but early registration ensures first consideration for sought-after positions and committees.

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