GWCIA XXV will take place entirely over Zoom. For security reasons, the Zoom links for each committee and for the opening and closing ceremonies will not be available on the website and will instead be emailed to advisors prior to the conference.

This technology guide contains all of the information required regarding technology and logistics for our Zoom conference. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any further questions!

Position Papers

Position papers are optional for GWCIA XXV! If delegates choose to write a position paper, it should be sent to the appropriate Under-Secretary-General, listed below.
International Bodies - intl_gwcia@gwu.edu
Regional Bodies - regional_gwcia@gwu.edu
Historical/Specialized Bodies - histspec_gwcia@gwu.edu
Louisiana State Government, 2005
Crisis Committees - crisis_gwcia@gwu.edu
Gorbachev's Cabinet, Tesla/SpaceX Board of Directors, 75th Annual Hunger Games