Conference Policies

Advisors, please make sure that you and your delegates are familiar with our conference policies prior to attending GWCIA.


  • All payments (both school and delegate fees) must be received in full before the school is considered fully registered and is provided with committee assignments.

  • All payment must be received within 30 days of initial completion of the registration form. 

  • Payment must be made via Credit Card portal or check. We recommend use of the credit card portal for quickest registration. 

  • No payment or registration will be accepted after November 1st, including the day of the conference, no exceptions. 

  • Please refrain from bringing more delegates than paid for to the conference. Additional delegates cannot be paid for day-of and will most likely not receive a committee position.

  • Schools wishing to add or remove delegates after it has already formally registered during early registration may do so until seven (7) days after regular registration begins. This new policy is to allow schools who register early to establish their teams once the school year begins without having to limit the size of their delegations. After the grace period, no changes to the registration will be permitted. Please note that fees paid for delegates that drop the conference will not be refunded.

  • Schools registering under regular registration may add or remove delegates seven (7) days after their registration process is complete. After the grace period, no changes to the registration will be permitted. Please note that fees paid for delegates that drop the conference will not be refunded.

  • GWCIA is unable to refund any fees.


  • Please note which committees are double delegation and which are not. Please refrain from assigning a double delegation team to a committee that has been designated for single delegates, as we have provided double delegation committees for this purpose. Single delegates may participate in double delegation committees per adviser discretion.

  • While advisors may observe committees while they are in session, please refrain from talking to delegates or interrupting committee. Advisors will have the opportunity to visit and speak with delegates during their lunch blocks.

  • All committee content is created by the Chairs and Crisis Directors. For substantive questions or concerns, please contact them directly.


  • All delegates must be dressed in western business attire.

  • Delegates will be required to remain in their committee rooms throughout the duration of committee sessions. Conference staffers will be patrolling the grounds and will escort any delegates who need to leave the committee room for any reason. Please have your student notify the chair if they anticipate leaving early.

  • Please encourage delegates to be respectful of University facilities, conference staffers, and other delegates. Inappropriate activity or questionable behavior may lead to exclusion from receiving awards.

  • Delegates are required to eat lunch with their designated block and may not leave the designated lunch area. Lunch for those with dietary restrictions will be provided upon request.

  • Advisors are not required to eat the catered lunch provided and may find lunch around campus, but delegates will be required to stay in the building and eat the catered lunch.

  • All delegates and advisors must wear their name badge at all times during the conference for security purposes.

  • Additional guests, such as family members or friends of advisors and delegates, are welcome to observe the conference, but will not be provided lunch or conference materials. We encourage you to refrain from bringing more individuals than indicated at registration.

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