Dear Delegates and Advisors,

Welcome to the 25th annual Greater Washington Conference on International Affairs!


I know that right now, we are all living in completely unprecedented times. Last spring when my secretariat and I began planning this conference, we certainly could never have envisioned the circumstances under which we would be hosting it almost a year later. However, in spite of the logistical challenges that COVID-19 obviously poses to an event like a Model UN conference, we remain committed to fulfilling GWCIA’s annual goal -- providing an enriching learning experience for future global leaders. With this in mind, it is my absolute pleasure to present to you our virtual GWCIA XXV on February 6, 2021.


This year, GWCIA will be held over Zoom, a virtual conferencing platform that allows delegates to do all the things they do in an in-person committee -- make speeches, debate with fellow delegates, collaborate on resolution writing, and practice diplomacy skills. GWCIA, as always, is a learning-oriented conference that welcomes delegates of all skill levels and backgrounds. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of committee styles, from traditional General Assemblies to unique and fast-paced crisis simulations. This year, our exciting committee options range from the 75th Annual  Hunger Games committee to a historically based Gorbachev-era USSR crisis committee. Each committee will challenge delegates to confront complex issues and arrive at solutions through cooperation and creativity.


As we move towards an increasingly globalized world, the skills that delegates will develop during the conference are more vital than ever before. From the importance of communication and teamwork in achieving a shared goal of advocating for a better world, the lessons and perspectives Model UN teaches are long-lasting and far-reaching. For delegates, I hope that participating in GWCIA will inspire you to continue in your Model UN journey and maybe even consider a career in the field of international affairs!


Registration for GWCIA XXV is now open! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you on February 6th!

Cyrena Kokolis
Secretary-General, GWCIA XXV


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GWCIA XXV is proud to offer international, regional, historic and specialized, and crisis committees for our delegates.